Since forever I have been painting, it is just something that is rooted deep inside of me. If a day goes by without me painting, I am not myself.

As an artist I am independent since 2019 and I love every single part of it. Attending exhibitions and art fairs, meeting other artists and lovely people who share an interest and of course the biggest compliment there is - selling my art.

Moving from my hometown Graz to Vienna in 2010 was the best decision of my life, this vibrant city full of culture and art opened my mind a lot. I found myself here, my vocation and most important I was lucky to find my soulmate, my best friend that I call my husband now. Without him there would be no colour in my life, I guess he is what you can absolutely call my muse.

My happiness is the base of my work. Uplifting and positive, even when the theme is darker or socially critical, I want you to have a good feeling when you look at it. So it just happens that many of my paintings have a little bit of irony hidden in the dark.