English Information

All the paintings and frames are customized by the artist and painted with acrylics and neon-acrylics. ,Luminescent' means, that all the paintings are glowing in black light and show you a different world. Two sides - dimensions - in one painting. In ,Timeless' you see examples of art with gold leaf, as well as in the series 'Universal Gold'. To express how precious bees are for us and how important it is to save them, the antique frames themselves are covered in gold leaf and white gold leaf. All the materials used are of high quality.

In the ,Law of Attraction' it´s all about visualizing and believing in those things you see every day.

Contact me if you can imagine anything that you want to attract to your life. Together, we will figure out  the perfect image for you, talk about prices and how long it is going to take until you have it on your wall. Decorate your home and workplace with your dreams.

In 'Raumkonzepte' you see examples of what series of paintings could look like in a full-room concept. For example, 'The Uprising' tells the metaphorical story of a souls rise until it reaches a higher state of existing.

Please don´t hesitate to contact the artist in english, spanish, slovakian or czech language!